Minecraft Hosting

High performance Minecraft servers.

Plan RAM Suggested Players* Storage** Price Order
Stone 1GB DDR4 ECC Up to 16 players 4GB SSD $4/month OUT OF STOCK
Iron 2GB DDR4 ECC Up to 32 players 8GB SSD $8/month OUT OF STOCK
Gold 4GB DDR4 ECC Up to 64 players 16GB SSD $14/month OUT OF STOCK
Diamond 8GB DDR4 ECC Up to 128 players 32GB SSD $26/month OUT OF STOCK

* Suggested players are based on an average. You may be able to get a higher player count with better optimization.
** Additional storage can be added at $0.70/GB/month.


Custom Jar & Mod Support

All our Minecraft hosting plans support custom server Jar's and full mod support.

FTP Access

Every Minecraft server comes with full FTP access. Upload and manage files as you need.

Unlimited Bandwidth

Our Minecraft hosting features no bandwidth limits. Never worry about having to much traffic.

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