Enkel Hosting cPanel Changes

24 January 2016

We’ve recently made some changes to our cPanel network to improve reliability, connection speeds, server speeds and to update any hostnames to our Enkel.Hosting domain.

Previously the following address’s were used for our cPanel network:

  • cpanel.enkelhosting.com – Main cPanel Login – Las Angeles, California
  • ns1.enkelhosting.com – Primary Name Server – Las Angeles, California
  • ns2.enkelhosting.com – Secondary Name Server – Jacksonville, Florida

We’ve now changed to the following:

  • orange.enkel.hosting – Main cPanel Server (We are using “orange” to enable future expansion to the network) – Las Angeles, California
  • ns1.enkel.hosting – Primary Name Server – Las Angeles, California
  • ns2.enkel.hosting – Secondary Name Server – Roubaix, France
  • ns3.enkel.hosting – Tertiary Name Server – Beauharnois, Canada
  • ns4.enkel.hosting – Quaternary Name Server – Jacksonville, Florida

As you can see we’ve tried our very best to get a wide range of locations for our nameservers. Currently you can take advantage of these nameservers by checking out our web hosting plans. We do however plan to offer free DNS hosting very soon!

As well as these changes we’ve also started on various improvements to our overall backup systems, we’ll have another post about this in the upcoming days.