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VPS Security with Enkel Hosting

13 March 2017

Recently we’ve noticed a spike in attempts of people trying to hit VPS servers on the Enkel Hosting network with malicious intent. Due to this we’re increasing our security protocols to protect all our clients on our VPS hosting service.

We’re now running extra checks on our host nodes to prevent abuse and attempt to find potential security holes. From now on we are monitoring the following of all clients using our VPS hosting service:

  • Root password strength – We now check if the root password is a strong password, if this is not the case the root password will be reset to a random string.
  • Raw packet data – If a VPS is sending a high amount of data we will auto suspend the VPS and investigate, this is in the case of DoS attacks.
  • Concurrent SMTP connections – If a high amount of concurrent SMTP connections is detected we will suspend the VPS and investigate.
  • Concurrent SSH connections – If a high amount of concurrent SSH connections is detected we will suspend the VPS and investigate.
  • Checks for obvious malicious processes

If you have a secure VPS and have no malicious intent you shouldn’t have to worry about these changes. We are implementing these for the safety and security of our clients and our VPS infrastructure.

Closure of Budget VPS Hosting

14 February 2017

As part of our yearly review we check all our hosting services to make sure they are viable and worth offering in the current market. After offering our Budget VPS hosting for over 6 months we’ve decided that it is no longer possible to offer this service to new or existing clients.

2 days ago we removed all references from our website regarding Budget VPS hosting and discontinued products for this service. If you are an existing client of the Budget VPS hosting you should’ve received an email yesterday regarding how to proceed with migration to our SSD VPS hosting or other choices for heading forward. We ask that all existing Budget VPS hosting clients get in touch via a support ticket before the 28th February to ensure a smooth migration.

As for other services clients can be rest-assured that we are happy with their current state and do not plan closing any other services any time in the near future.

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