Ticket Response Time & Our Support

14 June 2016

Recently we’ve had someone on Twitter tweeting us complaining about not getting a ticket response within 2 days. Obviously the first thing we did was attempt to contact this client, of whom didn’t reply. We then decided to look into our response times for all tickets this year so far.

We looked at how long it took for our support team to respond to a support ticket after it had been opened. Currently our support team aim is to at least respond to all tickets within an absolute 24 hours, although internally we do aim for 12 hours. So far I’m happy to state that we have absolutely kept on track with this target.

Some Awesome Numbers:

  • Fastest Response Time: 1 minute, 46 seconds.
  • Longest Response Time: 7 hours, 44 minutes, 34 seconds.
  • Average Response Time: 1 hour, 16 minutes, 50 seconds.

As you can see by the numbers we’ve never even allowed a ticket to pass the 12 hour mark, never mind the 24 hour mark.

We hope this gives a bit of insight to the company to new and existing clients on how we strive to provide the best support possible.