Moving away from .HOSTING

16 October 2018

Today we have some news that will have an impact towards our clients running our web hosting or DNS hosting solutions. Earlier today we moved away from our previous Enkel.Hosting domain, back to

Early this year we got word that Uniregistry were increasing their prices for some TLDs, including the .HOSTING TLD. Of which has had an increase of 1,400% in cost. As a result of this we have decided to move away from this TLD, rather than spending over $400/year on a domain alone.

Use our nameservers?

If you're a user of our nameservers you will be required to update them away from We do actually advise to take usage of Cloudflare's services if possible however, as their DNS infrastructure is at a much bigger scale than ourselves.

New Nameservers:

Don't worry about doing this straight away! We'll still be supporting the old nameservers until May 2019.


As part of this we are also moving our email systems to as its primary. Similar to our nameservers we will however still be forwarding any emails to old addresses until May 2019

Anything else?

Thankfully a couple of years ago we moved most services to run as part of proxied sub-roots of our primary domain. This makes it easy for us to just put a general permanent redirect on all requests to route to the new primary domain.

We do hope this doesn't create confusion for our customers, and we are happy to help at any time where we can. We also have some exciting news to share in the near future, so keep an eye on the blog!