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Upcoming PHP Changes with Web Hosting

10 December 2018

Since the launch of our web hosting service we've aimed to support as many different systems as possible. Part of this was offering multiple PHP versions, ranging from PHP 5.4 all the way to PHP 7.2.

PHP 5.4 has been un-supported for over 3 years, which is a security concern. Thankfully non of our web hosting sites are currently set to use PHP 5.4 or 5.5, which means removing support for these versions is an easy process.

PHP 5.6 is a slightly bigger operation to remove from our web hosting, due to it still being a heavily used (and our default) PHP version. Support for PHP 5.6 ends at the end of the year, so we're aiming to start our plans to have people migrate to PHP 7.2 or later. Part of this will be enforcing PHP 7.2 as our default PHP version for new sites, starting today.


  • PHP 5.4/5.5 support has already been removed at the time of writing this post.
  • PHP 5.6 will continue to be offered for as long as possible, however we will be pushing clients towards PHP 7.2.
  • PHP 7.0 will be removed in early 2019, and all previous sites will move over to 7.2 by default.
  • PHP 7.1 will be offered until end of support, which is currently planned for the end of 2019.
  • PHP 7.2 will be our default PHP version until 7.3 is supported, and will be removed once support ends in 2020.
  • PHP 7.3 just recently released. We're aiming to support this as our default PHP version sometime in early 2019.

We want to help our clients be as up-to-date and secure as possible. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to open a support ticket and we'll be happy to help.

Happy New Year, Apple Pay, Service Changes!

1 January 2017

2016 has been a great year for us, we’ve grown bigger than we ever expected and we’re more thankful to our clients for their believe in us as a company to deliver a service in the way the expect. Our aim is to make 2017 even greater! We’ve got some great plans throughout the year to promote Enkel Hosting along with improving services, expanding our range and much more.

Apple Pay Support

We’ve just launched Apple Pay support on our website! You can now pay for your services via Apple Pay on your iOS device or macOS Sierra! This adds a quick and convenient method quicker than anything else. We hope to expand our payment gateways even more throughout 2017.

DNS Hosting Improvements

Earlier this year we quietly enabled the ability to get DNS hosting from us for free. Now we’re wanting to improve this offering by strengthening our entire DNS infrastructure. We’re planning to review all our DNS servers and add more redundancy’s in place to offer better reliability. Stay tuned on our blog for more on this later in the year!

Minecraft Hosting Improvements

We’ve recently updated our Minecraft hosting to offer vanilla, CraftBukkit and Spigot builds of Minecraft 1.11 and 1.11.2. Along with this we’re enabling the ability for users to change their own player count, create MySQL databases and more! We’ll soon be introducing more version options ranging from mod packs to older builds of CraftBukkit, Spigot and Vanilla.

Web Hosting Attacks & Improvements

Very recently we’ve become victim to some layer 7 attacks on our own web hosting infrastructure. This seems to be either some specific individual or competitor attempting to cause downtime, in two cases they’ve managed to slow the server down but after the IP’s used being found quite quickly, they was blocked from our network which resumed services as usual. It’s likely that this wasn’t noticed as it occurred mostly on Christmas morning and the following day. We’ve added 7 days onto any of our clients who are using our web hosting to apologies for any downtime during this. However, as a result of this we’re wanting to investigate more automated and quicker methods of detecting and handling these attacks. We currently have monitoring systems in place that notify us within seconds of any issues but we all know how horrible it must be to work on Christmas morning! We’ll be putting new protection methods in place over the next few weeks and will be monitoring them through the months to see how it goes.

Web Hosting Changes

14 April 2016

Lately we haven’t being putting as much love into our web hosting as we’d like, we’re going to change that! We’ve recently setup a whole new and more powerful server for our web hosting. The new “purple” server will be the new home of all hosting accounts on our “orange” server. We’ll be contacting any web hosting clients over the next few days to organise the best time to transfer their hosting to the new server. The “purple” server is also in North America compared to Los Angeles.

As for the “orange” server we’re not 100% sure what we plan to do with this. We’ll at least be keeping it for our primary nameserver but we plan to at least reconfigure the server for better optimizations similar to how we’ve configured the “purple” server.

We hope all our web hosting clients are just as excited as we are to move onto the new server. We also have plans for our VPS hosting in the upcoming weeks!

Enkel Hosting cPanel Changes

24 January 2016

We’ve recently made some changes to our cPanel network to improve reliability, connection speeds, server speeds and to update any hostnames to our Enkel.Hosting domain.

Previously the following address’s were used for our cPanel network:

  • cpanel.enkelhosting.com – Main cPanel Login – Las Angeles, California
  • ns1.enkelhosting.com – Primary Name Server – Las Angeles, California
  • ns2.enkelhosting.com – Secondary Name Server – Jacksonville, Florida

We’ve now changed to the following:

  • orange.enkel.hosting – Main cPanel Server (We are using “orange” to enable future expansion to the network) – Las Angeles, California
  • ns1.enkel.hosting – Primary Name Server – Las Angeles, California
  • ns2.enkel.hosting – Secondary Name Server – Roubaix, France
  • ns3.enkel.hosting – Tertiary Name Server – Beauharnois, Canada
  • ns4.enkel.hosting – Quaternary Name Server – Jacksonville, Florida

As you can see we’ve tried our very best to get a wide range of locations for our nameservers. Currently you can take advantage of these nameservers by checking out our web hosting plans. We do however plan to offer free DNS hosting very soon!

As well as these changes we’ve also started on various improvements to our overall backup systems, we’ll have another post about this in the upcoming days.

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