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Monthly Deals & Unlimited Web Hosting

23 August 2016

Monthly Deals

Today we’re happy to announce a new scheme we’re running, every month we’ll be offering a new deal on the homepage of our website! This month is our 40% off budget VPS hosting but we’ve got exciting stuff to come in the next few months!

Unlimited Web Hosting

As well as this we’ve also updated our web hosting plans, we’ve modified the prices, increased the storage and bandwidth and made every other variable such as domains, MySQL databases etc unlimited! Any existing customers will benefit from these new plans at no changes to their cost.

Just a small post for today! We have some exciting stuff coming in the future and we can’t way to show you!

Ticket Response Time & Our Support

14 June 2016

Recently we’ve had someone on Twitter tweeting us complaining about not getting a ticket response within 2 days. Obviously the first thing we did was attempt to contact this client, of whom didn’t reply. We then decided to look into our response times for all tickets this year so far.

We looked at how long it took for our support team to respond to a support ticket after it had been opened. Currently our support team aim is to at least respond to all tickets within an absolute 24 hours, although internally we do aim for 12 hours. So far I’m happy to state that we have absolutely kept on track with this target.

Some Awesome Numbers:

  • Fastest Response Time: 1 minute, 46 seconds.
  • Longest Response Time: 7 hours, 44 minutes, 34 seconds.
  • Average Response Time: 1 hour, 16 minutes, 50 seconds.

As you can see by the numbers we’ve never even allowed a ticket to pass the 12 hour mark, never mind the 24 hour mark.

We hope this gives a bit of insight to the company to new and existing clients on how we strive to provide the best support possible.

New Website, Web Hosting Changes & More!

26 April 2016

New Website

Today we’ve officially launched our new website! It’s been a few months of work putting it together along with the new branding but we’re very excited for this all new look to Enkel Hosting! We hope the new look will give a more professional feeling to all our clients. Over the next few weeks we’ll also be upgrading the billing panel to the same look as the main site along with some additional enchantments.

Web Hosting Changes

Recently we announced our new web hosting server “purple”. We have plans to finish transfers and re-install the “orange” server for the end of April. Along with this we’ll be moving our billing panel to the same server that the Enkel Hosting website now uses to improve speed & performance. We also launched some new web hosting plans and some changes were made to our web hosting line up, the plans can be viewed on the web hosting page.

VPS Hosting

We’re very pleased to announce since the launch of our VPS hosting late last year we’ve kept a perfect 100% uptime! The uptime & security of Enkel Hosting is our biggest priority. Lot’s of time goes into configuring our servers, checking our security and making sure everything is running as expected. We’vemade some changes to our VPS hosting plans which can be seen on the VPS hosting page.

Minecraft Hosting

Along with the new VPS & Web hosting plans we have also changed the plans/pricing of our Minecraft hosting, you can check them out on our Minecraft hosting page.

Future Projects

Enkel Hosting have a few plans we really hope to pursue in the near future. We’re not going to give too much away but let’s just say, some biomes will be available soon as well as some more VPS control panel features.

Web Hosting Changes

14 April 2016

Lately we haven’t being putting as much love into our web hosting as we’d like, we’re going to change that! We’ve recently setup a whole new and more powerful server for our web hosting. The new “purple” server will be the new home of all hosting accounts on our “orange” server. We’ll be contacting any web hosting clients over the next few days to organise the best time to transfer their hosting to the new server. The “purple” server is also in North America compared to Los Angeles.

As for the “orange” server we’re not 100% sure what we plan to do with this. We’ll at least be keeping it for our primary nameserver but we plan to at least reconfigure the server for better optimizations similar to how we’ve configured the “purple” server.

We hope all our web hosting clients are just as excited as we are to move onto the new server. We also have plans for our VPS hosting in the upcoming weeks!

IPv6 Support is Here!

9 February 2016

Today we are very delighted to announce the full support for IPv6 across the Enkel Hosting network! After spending many hours investigating IPv6, how it should be handled, how much we should charge etc. These are the changes to services that now support IPv6:

  • Web Hosting (cPanel)
    • All Web Hosting clients can now access their websites via IPv6 with the following address: 2607:fcd0:100:4300::ae47:d207
    • Per account IPv6 addresses can be added upon ticket request for free.
  • VPS Hosting
    • We’ve enabled IPv6 on the host machine, this enables IPv6 to be configured and talk to the outside world using the IPv6 protocol.
    • IPv6 support is currently disabled by default on our VPS servers, we will add IPv6 addresses upon ticket request for free.
    • IPv6 support will be enabled by default in the future once we are happy with the state.
    • Update: We’ve now launched IPv6 for ALL existing and new VPS clients. Every VPS client will now see a /112 IPv6 subnet (65,536 IP’s!) in their SolusVM account. You are able to add IP’s in this range to your VPS using the panel.
  • Minecraft Hosting
    • We’ve yet to fully explore IPv6 support for our Minecraft hosting range. We expect to have something in the upcoming days for this.

As for now the IPv6 support will be closely monitored to make sure everything run’s correctly and smoothly. We still have more web hosting changes upcoming later this month!

Update: Our VPS hosting now uses /96 IPv6 subnet’s instead of the previous /112!

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